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A Guide to Premier Phoenix Antiquing for Vintage Enthusiasts

Vintage enthusiasts will find that antiquing in Scottsdale or Phoenix is an excellent and intriguing pastime with many treasures to be discovered. Our area has vintage shops for just about any collectible whether it is “antique” and over 100 years old or just tons of “vintage” items that are somewhat newer and bring back fond memories.

Antique Trove

2020 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

Be greeted with 1950s and 1960s oldies music playing on the overhead speakers in this huge store with individual dealer showcases and displays. You will find furniture, jewelry, sports memorabilia, Disney items, Christmas ornaments, turn of the century rare finds, and so much more. It is a wonderland of timeless pieces that will excite any collector.

Best for Vintage Dishware – Flo’s on 7th

4116 N 7th Ave, Phoenix

Dishes and serving pieces including vintage Italian dishware will often be tagged with the set’s current eBay value! There is jewelry, furniture, Jimmy Choo, Prada, books, purses, Disney movie stills, high-quality nicely arranged used and vintage clothing, electronics, appliances, and so much more. All blue tag items are only a whopping dollar!

The best part is that all of the money raised by this store goes to Florence Crittenton of Arizona, a non-profit organization that has served Arizona’s youth and their families for over a century. Its mission is to mainly help at-risk girls from ages 12 to 21 overcome behavioral and/or mental health problems, neglect, abuse, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, and education. Safe environments are created for young adults and families to discover the support of a caring community and the possibility of a new and brighter future.

Best Vintage Christmas and Other Stuff: Zinnias on Melrose

724 W Indian School Road, Phoenix

In addition to Christmas holiday items, there is art, lamps, furniture, toys, mirrors, light fixtures, old photographs, and tons of beautiful pieces in many retro, shabby chic, handmade, contemporary, novelty and some antique articles. There are more than 30 vendors, all with different styles, tastes and offerings. Be sure to shop upstairs, also.

Best Place to Buy Vintage Clothing: Antique Sugar at Zinnia’s

724 W Indian School Road, Phoenix

This is inside and connected to the Zinnia’s antique store above. It is a great vintage shop specializing in well-kept and unique 1920s through 1980s clothing in excellent condition as well as a wide selection of jewelry and other vintage accessories. They even have big girl clothes on one rack for curvier gals, a nice mens section, and cute vintage kids clothes,

Best Vintage Lighting Fixtures – Stuff Antiques

4206 N Central Ave., Phoenix

This place is filled to the rafters with a treasure trove of period lighting with stunning exceptional examples of Antique, Art Deco, Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Mid-century Modern pieces. Look overhead to see fabulous ceiling fixtures that make this feel more like a museum of exceptional lighting and a lighting fantasy land rather than just a shop.

There is also antique furniture, display cabinets, stained glass windows, slot machines, gumball machines as well as repair, restoration, and preservation work being done on antiques.

If you are fortunate to be living in one of the Scottsdale high rise condos in downtown Scottsdale, you are close enough to enjoy the local and Phoenix antiquing for exciting purchases or just to browse.

What are the Negatives of Living in a High Rise Condo?

Although there are many advantages to living in a high rise, unfortunately there are also negatives which should be taken into consideration. These may affect your decision as to whether a high rise condo is the right answer for you.

*Purchase price*

Because of the superior locations and luxurious amenities, it may be hard to find an available unit that is in your price range. This is where a knowledgeable high rise specialist can help you find the right condo within your budget.

*Higher assessments*

Because of the large number of occupants, high rises have larger assessments for their monthly Homeowners Association (HOA) fees to pay for shared building features. These fees can make the monthly cost too high for some people when added to the cost of the mortgage.


For those who value their privacy and quiet solitude, the abundance of neighbors can be a disadvantage. The residents in low-rise buildings tend to be older, which means less noise and fewer parties. Low-rise buildings are also usually located in quieter residential areas that offer more privacy.

*Evacuation concerns*

Living in a high rise can present a challenge when evacuating because of emergencies such as a fire or natural disaster. Consider the number of stairs involved and your physical ability to negotiate those stairs if the elevators are not available.


Moving from a single family home to a condo will most likely mean having to get rid of some of your furniture and other possessions. It can be difficult to decide what stays and what goes.

*Moving heavy items*

It is challenging trying to move or remove heavy furniture and appliances in high rise buildings, and the space of corridors and hallways can be small. If you hire movers, you can expect to pay more than if you lived in a more accessible place.

*Private outdoor space*

This is limited or nonexistent and may be an important consideration to some buyers, especially those who enjoy being outdoors and those would like to have a garden. If there is no balcony to grow plants, herbs and flowers, you’ll be restricted to gardening indoors in planters, which cuts way down on the types of plants you can grow.

*Pet restrictions*

If your fur-child is a Great Dane you may have difficulty convincing the Board that it qualifies as a small dog. Some high rise condos allow small pets under a certain weight limit, but others don’t allow any pets. If you have pets of any kind this will be a big consideration.


Many condos have private parking spaces, but some do not. If private parking spaces are available and you own two vehicles, you will need to find out if you can obtain two private spaces, as these are usually limited in number.

Conversely, your need for a couple of vehicles may lessen if your condo is located near a light rail or other convenient public transportation. Many high rise condos are surrounded with excellent restaurants, as well as cultural, art and music venues.

One of our high rise condo specialists can help you decide if this is the right decision for you. Our agents are highly knowledgeable about the condo communities in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe areas and would love to help you find the right one for your needs.

How Much HOA Reserves Are Enough For a High Rise?

When determining the amount of HOA reserves that are needed for a high rise, there is no one “magic number” because there are many factors that enter into that decision. The amount of reserves for a healthy condominium or other high rise association has to be put in context. Board members have a fiduciary duty to insure that their homeowners association has reserve funds.

The *size of the building* is a dominant factor. The reserves would be totally different for a 100 unit building and a five unit building.

The *amount of annual expenses*has to be acknowledged, and many experts recommend that the reserve should be able to cover six months of the normal recurring operating costs with an additional sum for unexpected capital expenditures and emergencies.

Many associations have their reserves broken down into a repairs and maintenance (operating) component and a capital reserve that is used for those planned or unexpected large repairs to the building, roof, HVAC system, elevator, plumbing, electrical, furnace, painting, equipment replacement, etc.

*Tax returns* are required to be filed with IRS, and sometimes there are *legal issues* that arise that have to be dealt with. Those expenses to the appropriate professionals have to be figured in.

The Certified Public Accountant or another certified firm may be required to do an on-site *Reserve Funds Study* on all the income and anticipated and future expenses and replacements involved so that the proper figure for the reserve fund can be determined from this budget planning tool. That study involves both a physical analysis and a financial analysis.

*Special assessments* tend to “spook” owners and potential owners. Although the majority of owners like to see their regular monthly maintenance amounts as low as possible, they would actually prefer that an amount for the reserves be included in that monthly payment so that the higher special assessments would hopefully not become necessary.

That Reserve Funds Study can also be used to suggest *how the funds can be invested*. The cash flow analysis will show how much money will be in the reserve fund and over what period of time. By having the association’s investment advisor review this information, a plan can be advised that will maximize the return on those funds.

What is a Full Service High Rise in Scottsdale?

A Scottsdale full service high rise is distinguished by a number of features:

  • exceptional architecture
  • fantastic interiors
  • stunning views of the city
  • resort-style luxury amenities,
  • social activities
  • proximity to work
  • efficient and friendly service staff
  • preventive maintenance programs
  • along with other superior qualities that attract owners to the high quality lifestyle in these prized “vertical neighborhood” living quarters.

There is often an underground secure parking garage, a business center, a state of the art health club or fitness center, a central courtyard with a heated pool, spacious terraces, dining rooms, valet and concierge services, and much more.

*Advantages of high rise condos in downtown Scottsdale*
Downtown Scottsdale offers some of the most attractive living options anywhere in the United States along with top quality attractions and dining in the Valley of the Sun.

*Walking and biking distance from cultural destinations*

It is a major benefit to be within walking or biking distance from cultural destinations such as the Scottsdale Civic Center and Center for Performing Arts, Old Town Scottsdale, world-class specialty shopping in the Scottsdale Fashion Square as well as being near the Waterfront area.

There are over 80 nearby fantastic top tier five star restaurants, shops, active night life, art galleries and museums, movie theaters, live theater and other entertainment.

*Live close to the Scottsdale art scene*

Downtown Scottsdale is in the vibrant heart of the city’s art scene that features contemporary and western art. Scottsdale is among the top 10 international locations for art, and the Scottsdale’s Arts District is home to galleries showcasing some of the best Western, Southwestern and Contemporary art in the country.

There is also a wondrous variety of outdoor sculptures amid the sparkling fountains and lush green lawns of the Civic Center Mall.

In Old Town, shopkeepers sell beautiful Native American crafts including Zuni silver jewelry and Navajo hand-woven rugs. Take a free trolley ride through this five square mile area and mingle with everyone from the college crowd to the jet set.

A full service high rise condo not only presents the best in living conditions but is usually in a city and neighborhood that are great urban playgrounds for working professionals or retired individuals looking for a special quality of life. We’d love to show you downtown Scottsdale condos for sale and for rent – give our office a call.