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Have Fun Decorating Your Small Space

You don’t need huge rooms to create a fun and fanciful space that shows off your personal flair and individuality. Your decorating plans can evolve as you explore and develop your style, and you’ll have fun along the way.

Curate Your Collections

Notice the display windows in your local mall. Never stagnate, the window displays are always being changed for another season or holiday. You don’t need to display all of your collections at once. Create vignettes with parts of your collections mixed with other fun finds and rotate them often. You’ll never grow tired of your chachkes and your guests will be surprised each time they visit.

Textures Add Richness

Whether you choose bright and bold color choices or like to keep everything neutral for a refined, quiet look, use a variety of textures. This visual layering of adds depth and gives a feeling of luxury.

Loads of fun pillows in different shapes and materials are great for chairs and sofas and you can quickly change them out for a different look whenever the mood strikes.
An area rug over carpeting is unexpected but adds additional interest and defines a seating arrangement.

Throw an afghan or quilt on the back of a couch or the foot of a bed. Use a quilt as a wall hanging. Using fabrics is an inexpensive way to add loads of texture and color.

Unexpected Colors

Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets or paint the inside of dresser drawers for surprise bursts of color. Use wallpaper remnants, fabrics or scrapbook paper to cover the back wall of a bookcase or armoire. These pops of color add quirky charm to any room.

Simple vases of fresh or silk flowers add color anywhere and gives a little excitement to a dark corner or a neutrally decorated room.

Challenges of Urban Living

This generation marks the crossing of the global threshold. Many parts of the globe have went from rural to urban. Not only that, most people choose to move out of the country and into the cities. The influx of direct investment flows and the rise of commercial and industrial progress has resulted with this significant megatrend.

Did you know experts have estimated that around 70 percent of all people in the world, by 2050, will live in cities? They are now scurrying as to how these infrastructure needs will be accommodated. The exodus is massive; thus, it will require various economic, environmental, and social considerations, and a delicate balance at that.

Urbanization can lead to two things. Sometimes cities would thrive and flourish, but on the other side of the spectrum, cities could be plague with problems such as poverty and crime.

The Future of Urbanization
In 25 years, estimates have it that half of the world’s population will be in emerging cities. At present, there are 25 fastest growing major cities in the world; 7 of these cities are in China and 6 are from India. None of these emerging cities are from developed countries.

With the growing urban development comes massive environmental footprint. Cities are known culprits for pollution. According to estimates, 80 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions are sourced from cities. Unfortunately no significant sustainable infrastructure has been placed to meet the need.

Urban Living
Living in urban areas is synonymous with modern amenities. Conveniences like having Internet access, cable TV, and the like are widely available in cities, making life easy. What’s more, restaurants, theaters, malls, and similar establishments are common in these areas, adding magnificence to the place.

There are plenty of educational and employment opportunities as well in cities. This is probably one of the main reasons why people from rural areas flock into the cities in search for an economically stable and luxurious life.

But with the influx of people from different areas into cities, this can lead to imbalance in the population density. While some people may not realized this, having too much people in an area can lead to environmental problems. And we’re not just talking about Mother Earth here. By environment, it means everything.

In cities, there’s too many people looking for jobs and places to live. There is also the issue as to pollution. The rise in population has also resulted in the decline of peace and order. While industrialization, commercialization, and overall development are good things, an excess or imbalance can lead to devastating consequences.

Population Explosion in Urban Areas
Urbanization is an inevitable aspect of human civilization. But however promising it may seem, there are challenges and difficulties attached to urban living.

For starters, there’s the high cost of living. Every basic commodity is priced high. Food, transportation, clothing, housing; everything is priced at perpetually high rates. And as the demand for them increases, so do their prices.

Crime rates are also notably high in urban areas. The city pulls all sorts of people. It’s not just the law-abiding citizens that wish to live here. There are also shady characters wanting to take a piece of urban life and continue with their illicit trade therein.

Questions You Should Consider Before Moving to the City

If you are considering a move to the city, there are a number of important issues that have to be weighed carefully as you make that important decision. More than one in ten Americans changed locations between 2011 and 2012 for better jobs, educational opportunities, family issues, or just because Americans are becoming increasingly mobile.

There is an increased need to compare cities and the many options involved.

Cost of living

Cities vary greatly in their living costs and the expenses encountered for groceries, average rentals available, and the many other specifics that would affect how you would feel about living there and if you can afford to do so. There are so many unexpected expenses when you move that it is suggested that you double the amount that you think you have to budget to move and live there.

Quality of life

Cities also differ widely in their culture, demographics, age range, transportation,
schooling, activities offered, and many more significant factors. Use travel guides, Chamber of Commerce and city information and travel forums to compare cities and their various qualities.

Availability of jobs

Some cities are better for job seekers than others, especially if you have a preferred industry or specialized field. Some cities are centers for niche industries or technology businesses or healthcare. Are the jobs you are interested in expanding in multiple opportunities?

Quality of schools

If you are a parent of school-age children, you will want to explore the quality of the public and private education options in the city. is a consumer friendly resource that offers ratings of public schools and can answer your queries.

Know anyone there?

This is important not only to give you many answers to your questions about the area and where the good and bad neighborhoods are located, but also to help you become acclimated to new surroundings after you arrive. If you don’t know anyone, get in touch with a realtor agency that specializes in helping people relocate. They can tell you the things you want to know about the area you’re looking into. Speak with as many local people as possible and ask about many different phases of the city. Spend a couple of days driving around the city you may be interested in to try to get a sense of what it would be like to live there.

What will you gain in the new city?

It is a chance for reinvention, growth, making new friends, having a new location to explore, and much more. If you set small and easily accomplished short term goals, that will boost your confidence during a time of adjustment. Long term goals can be those things you hope to accomplish both job-wise and in the enjoyment of your personal life as you move forward in this new chapter in your life.

Consider one of the Scottsdale high rise condos in downtown Scottsdale for a comfortable lifestyle and many amenities.

A Guide to Premier Phoenix Antiquing for Vintage Enthusiasts

Vintage enthusiasts will find that antiquing in Scottsdale or Phoenix is an excellent and intriguing pastime with many treasures to be discovered. Our area has vintage shops for just about any collectible whether it is “antique” and over 100 years old or just tons of “vintage” items that are somewhat newer and bring back fond memories.

Antique Trove
2020 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

Be greeted with 1950s and 1960s oldies music playing on the overhead speakers in this huge store with individual dealer showcases and displays. You will find furniture, jewelry, sports memorabilia, Disney items, Christmas ornaments, turn of the century rare finds, and so much more. It is a wonderland of timeless pieces that will excite any collector.

Best for Vintage Dishware – Flo’s on 7th
4116 N 7th Ave, Phoenix

Dishes and serving pieces including vintage Italian dishware will often be tagged with the set’s current eBay value! There is jewelry, furniture, Jimmy Choo, Prada, books, purses, Disney movie stills, high-quality nicely arranged used and vintage clothing, electronics, appliances, and so much more. All blue tag items are only a whopping dollar!

The best part is that all of the money raised by this store goes to Florence Crittenton of Arizona, a non-profit organization that has served Arizona’s youth and their families for over a century. Its mission is to mainly help at-risk girls from ages 12 to 21 overcome behavioral and/or mental health problems, neglect, abuse, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, and education. Safe environments are created for young adults and families to discover the support of a caring community and the possibility of a new and brighter future.

Best Vintage Christmas and Other Stuff: Zinnias on Melrose
724 W Indian School Road, Phoenix

In addition to Christmas holiday items, there is art, lamps, furniture, toys, mirrors, light fixtures, old photographs, and tons of beautiful pieces in many retro, shabby chic, handmade, contemporary, novelty and some antique articles. There are more than 30 vendors, all with different styles, tastes and offerings. Be sure to shop upstairs, also.

Best Place to Buy Vintage Clothing: Antique Sugar at Zinnia’s
724 W Indian School Road, Phoenix

This is inside and connected to the Zinnia’s antique store above. It is a great vintage shop specializing in well-kept and unique 1920s through 1980s clothing in excellent condition as well as a wide selection of jewelry and other vintage accessories. They even have big girl clothes on one rack for curvier gals, a nice mens section, and cute vintage kids clothes,

Best Vintage Lighting Fixtures – Stuff Antiques
4206 N Central Ave., Phoenix

This place is filled to the rafters with a treasure trove of period lighting with stunning exceptional examples of Antique, Art Deco, Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Mid-century Modern pieces. Look overhead to see fabulous ceiling fixtures that make this feel more like a museum of exceptional lighting and a lighting fantasy land rather than just a shop.

There is also antique furniture, display cabinets, stained glass windows, slot machines, gumball machines as well as repair, restoration, and preservation work being done on antiques.

If you are fortunate to be living in one of the Scottsdale high rise condos in downtown Scottsdale, you are close enough to enjoy the local and Phoenix antiquing for exciting purchases or just to browse.

Small Scale Appliances That Maximize Living Space

Living in a loft or condo can have amazing benefits. A high rise life gives you a view of your city of choice and provides a low-maintenance lifestyle that is coveted by busy, contemporary men and women. Since a majority of jobs are located within the metropolitan area, it makes sense to consider a high rise living space close to where you work. If you live and work in Arizona, particularly downtown Scottsdale, you can’t get any cooler and closer to the action than one of the Scottsdale high rise condos that you find close to businesses, shopping and entertainment in the valley of the sun. Loft style living has its own unique challenges if the space you have chosen is limited in square footage. There are some ways to maximize space and make every inch count.

Corner Built-Ins
Using space wisely is the goal for small space living. This does not have to mean giving up appliances that make life easier. A corner space in your kitchen that might have previously been wasted can find purpose by being converted to a place for storage, a built-in miniature microwave, and a spot for a small flat-screen television above the counter. Below the counter can house a built in dishwasher or more storage. A corner is also a great place for a sink. Think creatively to utilize this often wasted space to your benefit. A smaller stove fitted for a corner paired with a built-in shelf above the stove to hold often used cooking essentials is a fantastic way to use the square footage in the kitchen and keep things conveniently at your fingertips.

Small-Scale Appliances
The fact that you are choosing a smaller space probably means that you aren’t regularly cooking for a large crowd. Even if you play hostess often, smaller appliances can be an efficient space saving while still allowing you to cook and entertain in a stylish kitchen. A smaller scale refrigerator is a great place to start. There are several European style models that are energy efficient while keeping your kitchen from looking like a dorm room. A smaller oven and dishwasher are also necessary to utilize space. These could be housed in an island or compactly under a countertop. No need to sacrifice style or ability when there are stainless steel mini models that perform as well as full-size models.

Compact Washer and Dryer
The convenience of having your own washer and dryer is important to busy people living in lofts or condos. This is made possible by investing in a stackable washer and dryer or an all-in one unit. These options take up very little space and are also energy efficient. They come in different styles and can be black, white or stainless steel.

Whether you have made your home in a high rise apartment or a loft-style condo, space is at a premium. Choosing the right appliances and being conscious of how to use your space will help you to create and maintain an organized home that serves all your needs while still being stylish.

Top 5 Scottsdale projects opening in 2015

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Five major projects are slated to begin in Scottsdale in 2015. Scottsdale Fashion Square and Scottsdale Quarter are expanding, and SkySong is set to open a fourth office tower. In addition, Zenefits, based in San Francisco, is opening an office, and construction will begin on Eldorado, a seven-unit luxury condo.

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