Urban communities can easily shop for farm-fresh foods. You don’t have to walk a country mile to visit a farmer’s market right in your city, thanks to locally grown and sold produce, meats, dairy, eggs and homemade goodies from locally produced foods. Perfect for residents who live downtown, such as Scottsdale urban, many farmer’s markets host and participate in regular community events.

Freshest Foods Offer Multiple Benefits

The fresher, the better nutrition, flavor, texture, and color. Find one-stop, in-demand food qualities like:

100 percent organically grown
free of artificial sweeteners
pesticide free
all natural meat
wild caught seafood
ecologically sustainable
environmentally responsible farming

Are you getting all this? You will be able to make the healthiest, most tantalizing entrees, side dishes and desserts with a clear conscious and a cornucopia of compliments.

Best Times to Shop Farmer’s Markets

Most farmer’s markets located in cities are closed during summer and open beginning in early October through May. Check for exact days and hours of operation. Welcome fall experiencing local events and take home some first fruits of harvest.

Five Fabulous, Fresh Finds Waiting at Farmer’s Markets

1. Vegetables and fruits at peak season to enjoy as is, cooked or to preserve from home. Fresh fruit baskets are the perfect gesture to welcome new neighbors or remind someone they are the apple of your eye.

2. Did somebody say potluck? Smell those select cuts of fresh meats sizzling on the grill, side-by-side with fresh shrimp or salmon flown in. The only question is your place or theirs?

3. Dairy and eggs as fresh as being home on the range with cows, goats and hens.

4. Nuts, raw honey and delectable homemade delights are only minutes away on foot. Hoof it over to see what your local growers brought this week.