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Have Fun Decorating Your Small Space

You don’t need huge rooms to create a fun and fanciful space that shows off your personal flair and individuality. Your decorating plans can evolve as you explore and develop your style, and you’ll have fun along the way.

Curate Your Collections

Notice the display windows in your local mall. Never stagnate, the window displays are always being changed for another season or holiday. You don’t need to display all of your collections at once. Create vignettes with parts of your collections mixed with other fun finds and rotate them often. You’ll never grow tired of your chachkes and your guests will be surprised each time they visit.

Textures Add Richness

Whether you choose bright and bold color choices or like to keep everything neutral for a refined, quiet look, use a variety of textures. This visual layering of adds depth and gives a feeling of luxury.

Loads of fun pillows in different shapes and materials are great for chairs and sofas and you can quickly change them out for a different look whenever the mood strikes.
An area rug over carpeting is unexpected but adds additional interest and defines a seating arrangement.

Throw an afghan or quilt on the back of a couch or the foot of a bed. Use a quilt as a wall hanging. Using fabrics is an inexpensive way to add loads of texture and color.

Unexpected Colors

Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets or paint the inside of dresser drawers for surprise bursts of color. Use wallpaper remnants, fabrics or scrapbook paper to cover the back wall of a bookcase or armoire. These pops of color add quirky charm to any room.

Simple vases of fresh or silk flowers add color anywhere and gives a little excitement to a dark corner or a neutrally decorated room.

How Urban Living Can Change You

Do you live in the big city? There is nothing that can parallel the vibrancy, culture, convenience, and energy of living in the urban jungle. Half of the world’s population may agree to this; as a matter of fact, more than 50 percent of all people around the globe now live in cities. Unfortunately urban living can pose adverse effects on the mental health of city dwellers.

Did you know leading an urban lifestyle can result in stress among city inhabitants? Urban folks also tend to experience higher levels of mood disorders. In a recent study, scientists aim to uncover the changes in brain activity among city dwellers
Researchers from the University of Heidelberg as well as those from McGill University’s Douglas Mental Health University Institute have found out that there are considerable differences in certain brain activities between individuals who are living in cities and those who are not.

One of the noted distinctions that were revealed by these researchers is the higher activation of the portion of the brain that is responsible for setting off the emotions of fear and anxiety; that brain region is called the amygdala. When exposed to situations that evoke stress or the feeling of being threatened, city dwellers are likely to make more sensitive responses under these circumstances compared to the suburb or rural folks.

In addition, people who are raised in the urban areas tend to have an increased activation of the brain’s stress regulator; this region is called the anterior cingulate. When compared to rural folks, the change in this particular area of the brain is more permanent among city dwellers. As such, living in the cities since childhood can cause a person to be more alert during stress situations.

To determine their capability to perform with alertness during stress situations, a test was conducted. Participants from both cities and the rural areas were asked to answer challenging math problems. To make the situation more stressful, they were to perform the task under time pressure or while the researchers are bearing down on them with criticism. After the gathering brain scan results, the urban inhabitants had an increased activation in the amygdala.

Urban People Are More Equipped to Handle Stress

Based on the results of the study, the researchers have arrived at a conclusion that city people are more tolerant to annoyances. In fact, these individuals seem to be more immune to stress and are even capable of lowering their thresholds that activate their brain responses to stressful situations.

The following are the social aspects and other environmental factors, among many others, of living in big cities that make urban people more equipped to handle stress:
· The fact of having to deal with a variety of personalities on a daily basis,
· Frequent exposure to urban elements such as noise, pollution, etc., and
· Experiencing the feeling of fear, stress, or anxiety on a regular basis.

So what does this mean to a city dweller? The stresses of urban living are constant and such a natural part of life that it provides opportunities for people to adapt.

Challenges of Urban Living

This generation marks the crossing of the global threshold. Many parts of the globe have went from rural to urban. Not only that, most people choose to move out of the country and into the cities. The influx of direct investment flows and the rise of commercial and industrial progress has resulted with this significant megatrend.

Did you know experts have estimated that around 70 percent of all people in the world, by 2050, will live in cities? They are now scurrying as to how these infrastructure needs will be accommodated. The exodus is massive; thus, it will require various economic, environmental, and social considerations, and a delicate balance at that.

Urbanization can lead to two things. Sometimes cities would thrive and flourish, but on the other side of the spectrum, cities could be plague with problems such as poverty and crime.

The Future of Urbanization
In 25 years, estimates have it that half of the world’s population will be in emerging cities. At present, there are 25 fastest growing major cities in the world; 7 of these cities are in China and 6 are from India. None of these emerging cities are from developed countries.

With the growing urban development comes massive environmental footprint. Cities are known culprits for pollution. According to estimates, 80 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions are sourced from cities. Unfortunately no significant sustainable infrastructure has been placed to meet the need.

Urban Living
Living in urban areas is synonymous with modern amenities. Conveniences like having Internet access, cable TV, and the like are widely available in cities, making life easy. What’s more, restaurants, theaters, malls, and similar establishments are common in these areas, adding magnificence to the place.

There are plenty of educational and employment opportunities as well in cities. This is probably one of the main reasons why people from rural areas flock into the cities in search for an economically stable and luxurious life.

But with the influx of people from different areas into cities, this can lead to imbalance in the population density. While some people may not realized this, having too much people in an area can lead to environmental problems. And we’re not just talking about Mother Earth here. By environment, it means everything.

In cities, there’s too many people looking for jobs and places to live. There is also the issue as to pollution. The rise in population has also resulted in the decline of peace and order. While industrialization, commercialization, and overall development are good things, an excess or imbalance can lead to devastating consequences.

Population Explosion in Urban Areas
Urbanization is an inevitable aspect of human civilization. But however promising it may seem, there are challenges and difficulties attached to urban living.

For starters, there’s the high cost of living. Every basic commodity is priced high. Food, transportation, clothing, housing; everything is priced at perpetually high rates. And as the demand for them increases, so do their prices.

Crime rates are also notably high in urban areas. The city pulls all sorts of people. It’s not just the law-abiding citizens that wish to live here. There are also shady characters wanting to take a piece of urban life and continue with their illicit trade therein.

Questions You Should Consider Before Moving to the City

If you are considering a move to the city, there are a number of important issues that have to be weighed carefully as you make that important decision. More than one in ten Americans changed locations between 2011 and 2012 for better jobs, educational opportunities, family issues, or just because Americans are becoming increasingly mobile.

There is an increased need to compare cities and the many options involved.

Cost of living

Cities vary greatly in their living costs and the expenses encountered for groceries, average rentals available, and the many other specifics that would affect how you would feel about living there and if you can afford to do so. There are so many unexpected expenses when you move that it is suggested that you double the amount that you think you have to budget to move and live there.

Quality of life

Cities also differ widely in their culture, demographics, age range, transportation,
schooling, activities offered, and many more significant factors. Use travel guides, Chamber of Commerce and city information and travel forums to compare cities and their various qualities.

Availability of jobs

Some cities are better for job seekers than others, especially if you have a preferred industry or specialized field. Some cities are centers for niche industries or technology businesses or healthcare. Are the jobs you are interested in expanding in multiple opportunities?

Quality of schools

If you are a parent of school-age children, you will want to explore the quality of the public and private education options in the city. is a consumer friendly resource that offers ratings of public schools and can answer your queries.

Know anyone there?

This is important not only to give you many answers to your questions about the area and where the good and bad neighborhoods are located, but also to help you become acclimated to new surroundings after you arrive. If you don’t know anyone, get in touch with a realtor agency that specializes in helping people relocate. They can tell you the things you want to know about the area you’re looking into. Speak with as many local people as possible and ask about many different phases of the city. Spend a couple of days driving around the city you may be interested in to try to get a sense of what it would be like to live there.

What will you gain in the new city?

It is a chance for reinvention, growth, making new friends, having a new location to explore, and much more. If you set small and easily accomplished short term goals, that will boost your confidence during a time of adjustment. Long term goals can be those things you hope to accomplish both job-wise and in the enjoyment of your personal life as you move forward in this new chapter in your life.

Consider one of the Scottsdale high rise condos in downtown Scottsdale for a comfortable lifestyle and many amenities.

Top 5 Scottsdale projects opening in 2015

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Five major projects are slated to begin in Scottsdale in 2015. Scottsdale Fashion Square and Scottsdale Quarter are expanding, and SkySong is set to open a fourth office tower. In addition, Zenefits, based in San Francisco, is opening an office, and construction will begin on Eldorado, a seven-unit luxury condo.

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WKU Tempe Lifestyle

Events on Mill Avenue

Mill Avenue is an interesting, trendy and “hip” dining, shopping, historic and especially lively night life area in downtown Tempe, Arizona. It covers about four blocks and is within walking distance of Arizona State University, which makes it very popular with the college students. It was once a place of biker bars and tattoo parlors but got cleaned up and improved and became a really nice landmark.

There are street performers on all the major corners that come here to play their instruments on certain nights. A really great old movie theater has big and comfortable reclining seats as you watch the “Rocky Mountain Horror Show” and other good movies. Be sure to also see the town hall, which is an upside down pyramid.

It is highly recommended to come here for the annual New Year’s Eve Block Party everyone in the group is at least age 15. It is an amazing event with lots of people, but it doesn’t feel crowded at all.

Tempe Beach Park

One block from Mill Avenue, and in the heart of the city, is this #2 most visited attraction in Arizona, with the Grand Canyon being #1. It is surprisingly a beach in the desert.

Every weekend there is a music, concert, sporting, or beer/food event going on in this relaxing and well-maintained park by the river. There is a splash area for children with sprinklers to keep them cool in the summer. You can walk or bike all the way from the free parking lot to the end on a walkway that goes along the river, which is about three or four miles round trip. Paddle boats and kayaks can be rented to use on the river. You can see aircraft coming in to the nearby airport, and the evening sunset is gorgeous.

Introducing International Food in Phoenix

In the Valley, you could see the indications of a rapidly increasing international area and also culinary diversity. Based on the 2010 demographics, Maricopa Region was home to near 600,000 foreign-born residents out of a total populace of about 4.4 million. It is no wonder that the metropolis boasts dining establishments offering the nationwide cuisine of near to 40 countries.

Scottsdale itself shows off fantastic worldwide dining establishments, and also the Phoenix area has a lot of that we could only offer you a sampling of the plethora of tastes and also cooking experiences that exist.

BRAZIL – Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

6300 N. Scottsdale Roadway, Scottsdale

An all-you-can-eat buffet has fairly a spread: a big 38-item buffet plus 17 sort of grilled meats brought about every number of minutes consisting of piranha cut from the sirloin, leg of sheep, rib eye, filet mignon, grilled sheep chops, pork ribs, juicy pork loin with a crust of Parmesan Cheese, and much more. That was after originally being offered tiny platters of different bread treats, fruit and veggies. Delight in a Caipirinha, the nationwide mixed drink as well as the Strawberry Cheesecake for treat.


3800 N Goldwater, Scottsdale

Included are traditional baked meat pies, called pasties, which came to be preferred hundreds of years earlier in Cornwall. There is one fulled of beef, red onions and also rutabaga; one with bangers and also mash (sausage and potato); the Lovely Little O’ Salmon combined with asparagus and a dill cream sauce; the newer Mexican filled with steak, potato, eggs, and jalapeño; the vegetarian chicken and also rosemary with a mustard lotion sauce; and others. An additional specialty is the Explorer with turkey in a flaky bread crust served with cranberry sauce and gravy.

For dessert, the chocolate bread and butter dessert is crispy outside and gooey on the inside with a rich delicious chocolate flavor.

FRANCE – Zinc Bistro

Kierland Commons, 15034 N. Scottsdale Roadway, Phoenix

Some conventional faves from French chefs consist of Gruyere-topped onion soup, Vichyssoise (the timeless cold potato leek soup) with Salmon Croquettes topped with pastrami healed salmon, Short Ribs Bordelaise, Chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce, a well crusted and also experienced Scottish Salmon with tangy and pleasant kumquats, Sheep Shank,.

Prepared for dessert? You would have a challenging selection in between the delicious chocolate souffle with Grand Marnier sauce, the icy lemon custard rolled in toasted coconut and offered over toasted marshmallow sauce drizzled with blueberry coulis, the Hazelnut Toffee Chocolate Torte, or the Canelles De Bordeaux with Vanilla Brandied Cherries, Coffee and Valhrona Mousse.

AFGHANISTAN – Khyber Halal Restaurant and also Food catering.

4030 N 24th St, Phoenix.

The food is Middle East, Indian and also Central Oriental. Specializeds consist of Bolanee, a massive potato-stuffed hot cake; Uzbek Pulao, a mix of sheep and also rice; Guy Too, meat-filled dumplings; Chicken as well as Beef Samosas; the renowned Poultry Tikka Masala; Kebabs, Curries, as well as vegetarian options.

This is a family had dining establishment where the kids function the front part as well as Mama does magic in the kitchen area consisting of rice with carrots and raisins.

If you are a resident of one of the downtown Scottsdale condos, you are in a perfect location to take pleasure in the local global cuisine.

Nothing defeats the class and also style of urban restaurants. If you are looking for a place to lease or buy in Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ as well as Tempe location, We Know Urban Realty can be of terrific assistance.

It is no wonder that the city location flaunts restaurants supplying the national food of close to 40 countries.

An all-you-can-eat buffet has quite a spread: a huge 38-item tossed salad bar plus 17 kinds of grilled meats brought around every couple of mins including piranha cut from the sirloin, leg of sheep, rib eye, filet mignon, grilled sheep chops, pork ribs, juicy pork loin with a crust of Parmesan Cheese, as well as much more. There is one loaded with beef, red onions as well as rutabaga; one with bangers and also mash (sausage and also potato); the Lovely Little bit O’ Salmon integrated with asparagus as well as a dill lotion sauce; the more recent Mexican filled up with meat, potato, eggs, and also jalapeno; the vegetarian chicken as well as rosemary with a mustard cream sauce; and others. One more specialty is the Pilgrim with turkey in a half-cracked pastry crust served with cranberry sauce and sauce.

If you are looking for an area to lease or purchase in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe location, We Know Urban Real estate could be of great assistance.

Fascinating Cultures Come Alive at Phoenix Fine Art Museum

Over 50 years old, the now 285,000-square-foot Phoenix Art Gallery in the heart of Phoenix presents greater than 18,000 objects of American, Indigenous American, European, Asian, Latin American and Western American modern-day as well as modern art spanning centuries and up to the 21st century. In the Western American Art collection, for example, there are almost 900 paints, illustrations, sculptures, and also prints of the American West. There are likewise lots of pieces by artists from the Southwest and also by popular widely known artists. The museum has come to be the southwestern United States’ largest art gallery and has been visited by millions, consisting of greater than one million college youngsters.

This big museum has an attractive modern design with huge galleries, and it surrounds a roomy yard. Considering that the collection is expanded through various spaces, it is a difficult format for which you need to have a map or a valuable overview of find your method around. The long-term collection galleries are well classified concerning the artwork and also the artists.

There have been hundreds of exhibitions along with aesthetic fine arts as well as educational programs, live shows in a 300-seat public theater, festivals, independent art films, as well as taking a trip displays. Additionally consisted of have been photography exhibits partnered with The College of Arizona’s Facility for Creative Digital photography in Tucson, center class centers, fashion design exhibits, and also a study collection.

Visitors additionally enjoy the youngsters’s interactive PhxArtKids where youngsters can do hands-on crafting, 20 Thorne Baby Rooms that are duplicates of houses in the United States and Europe and illustrate the detailed interior design and style, lectures, movies, dining at the Museum’s dining establishment, shopping at The Museum Establishment, and walking the beautifully landscaped Dorrance Sculpture Yard. That one-of-a-kind setting is a well-liked selection to host holiday celebrations, company luncheons or an unique ceremony.

Of unique passion is the Native American pottery, precious jewelry as well as glass jobs; the Chinese fine art collection with painted scrolls, ceramics as well as jade makings; Oriental fine art with soldier’s shield and also lacquered products; middle ages fine art consisting of a variety of renaissance paints; and more such delightful finds.

One more fave is the “infinity area” by worldwide renowned Yayoi Kusama, which is officially labelled “You That Are Obtaining Obliterated in the Dancing Throng of Fireflies,” however has been reduced to “Fireflies” or the “Firefly Room.” In a 25 square foot room, to give maximum reflectivity, the wall surfaces are lined with mirrors, the flooring is brightened black granite, and the ceiling is black Plexiglas. A heavenly and also spiritual 2 1/2 min duplicated play of light is developed from 250 LED lights that hang from the ceiling.

The displays are ever before changing throughout the year, so it is interesting to check out on a regular basis. You might want to capitalize on that on Wednesday mid-day of every week and late on the first Friday of each month, admission is free!

If you live in midtown Scottsdale in among the downtown Scottsdale condos, you are nearby from having the ability to go as well as appreciate a visit at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Residing in among Phoenix AZ mid-town high rise condo offers you accessibility to art galleries with classy designs as well as large galleries. If you are looking for an area to rent out or purchase in Scottsdale, Phoenix as well as Tempe location, we understand Urban Realty can be of fantastic aid. Go to website: