Jonas_Burgert_painting_admirers_at_Denver_Museum_of_Contemporary_ArtIf you’ve got an itch to soak up some inspiration for your own creative endeavors or maybe just broaden your cultural horizons, the state of Arizona has a respectable number of art museums. Whether you want to check out displays at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the indigenous artistry curated within the Heard Museum, the Wyeth collection of paintings at the Farnsworth Art Museum, or even the creations of ASU’s students within their on-campus museum; you are bound to discover a museum that catches your interest. While you might be excited to check out any museum’s offerings, here are several pieces of advice that you may find useful in order to maximum the enjoyment of your visit and minimize the potential to waste or lose time.

Plan Ahead. Every museum has a website and even a phone number-use those to preview the museum’s schedule. With any luck, you should be able to discover one or more exhibits or displays that the museum may draw attendees to.

Check for Discounts on Admissions and Attractions. You can also save some money during your research by looking into potential discounts on tickets. Be mindful of the common reduced costs for the tickets of children, the elderly and those with military IDs, as well as any discounts for large groups of attendees.

Keep the Interests of Your Group in Mind. Dovetailing off of the previous point, it’s important to assess the most common interests of your party when deciding which museum to visit; while this is easily settled if visiting by yourself, nothing spoils a group trip faster than discovering that someone has a strong disinterest in the artistic offerings of your destination.

Don’t Try to See Everything. This may be the most important piece of advice in this post; treat your visit as a relaxing journey, rather than a rigidly scheduled marathon run. While you should be mindful of when to break for a meal and when the museum will close, remember to just enjoy the time you spend at the museum.