Tiny homes come in many shapes and styles, but only one size, which is extra small. Officially, a home is considered tiny if it is no larger than 750 square feet. Most of these diminutive abodes have a total of less than 500 square feet; a few provide year round living space in less than 100 square feet.

Many folks are drawn to itty-bitty houses, but the accompanying life changes are extreme and prevent the majority from making the adjustment to a tiny home permanent.

The individuals and families, who are happy to unburden themselves of almost everything they own, live in a very compact setting and who could be satisfied with minimal cooking and sanitation capabilities are strong candidates. They find that living that in a very small space will deliver the permanence and sense of security that is expected from any home and that is enough.

Nearly all tiny home dwellers get a sense of freedom and become more relaxed after ridding themselves of most of their personal property. It isn’t just a relinquishment of things that must be moved, cleaned and maintained, it is financial liberation because these little baby houses are almost always owned free and clear.

Compactness has a lot of advantages: Constant and close proximity delivers an intimate connection to the outdoors. The small scale is snug and easy to heat. Very little time is spent cleaning and maintaining little spaces. Small home dwellers tend to do their sprawling out in the community and have great relationships with their neighbors.

Many who live in expensive luxury homes find that amenities such as fancy cooking appliances and giant bathtubs are rarely used. Professional grade stoves can be dust collectors and giant bathtubs sometimes turn into permanent watering centers for houseplants. If this is happening, it might be time to let go and look at much smaller options.

A tiny home can be an apartment in the city, a cob house in the desert, or a little house on wheels. People yearning to lighten their load and live free would surely benefit by researching little house options.