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Urban Living at its Finest

Why Urban Living Can Beat the Suburbs

Living in an urban setting is definitely different than suburban life. However, just because it is different does not mean that it is not a desired lifestyle. In fact, most people that chose urban living find that they would not wish to live any other way.

Benefits Of Urban Living

There are many different perks that come with urban living that you cannot find in suburban life. Some of these include:

• Amenities. When you live in a high rise condo or loft, you are able to enjoy all the amenities that the building offers. Many of these buildings have pools, fitness areas, restaurants, shops, and relaxation areas that are for the exclusive use of residents.
• Convenience. Everything in a downtown area is usually within walking distance. You can enjoy entertainment and cultural events, frequent local shops and eateries, and conduct business all in one area.
• Transportation. Urban living also gives you better access to public transportation. This enables you to move about the city area worry free while enjoying a greener lifestyle.
• Floorplans. Modern, open-spaced floor plans found in lofts and urban condos are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for any décor. Many of the interior design features, like oversized windows, cannot be found in a suburban setting
• Affordability. Living in an urban setting is affordable. Your cost of living in this type of modern and convenient setting is very affordable. Actually, many of the benefits of urban living reduce normal living expenses.

Another benefit of condo and loft living is the lack of home maintenance that you must perform. Your building management will care for the upkeep of the exterior of the building and you will not be required to do yard work. This is just one of the ways that you can reduce your living expenses. Additionally, in an active lifestyle, having less maintenance projects to complete gives you more time for the things that you enjoy.

Living in an urban setting does not take away that “sense of community” that is found in suburban settings. Condo and loft communities are just that, a community of people that enjoy living within the city and everything that the area has to offer.

How Urban Living Can Change You

Do you live in the big city? There is nothing that can parallel the vibrancy, culture, convenience, and energy of living in the urban jungle. Half of the world’s population may agree to this; as a matter of fact, more than 50 percent of all people around the globe now live in cities. Unfortunately urban living can pose adverse effects on the mental health of city dwellers.

Did you know leading an urban lifestyle can result in stress among city inhabitants? Urban folks also tend to experience higher levels of mood disorders. In a recent study, scientists aim to uncover the changes in brain activity among city dwellers
Researchers from the University of Heidelberg as well as those from McGill University’s Douglas Mental Health University Institute have found out that there are considerable differences in certain brain activities between individuals who are living in cities and those who are not.

One of the noted distinctions that were revealed by these researchers is the higher activation of the portion of the brain that is responsible for setting off the emotions of fear and anxiety; that brain region is called the amygdala. When exposed to situations that evoke stress or the feeling of being threatened, city dwellers are likely to make more sensitive responses under these circumstances compared to the suburb or rural folks.

In addition, people who are raised in the urban areas tend to have an increased activation of the brain’s stress regulator; this region is called the anterior cingulate. When compared to rural folks, the change in this particular area of the brain is more permanent among city dwellers. As such, living in the cities since childhood can cause a person to be more alert during stress situations.

To determine their capability to perform with alertness during stress situations, a test was conducted. Participants from both cities and the rural areas were asked to answer challenging math problems. To make the situation more stressful, they were to perform the task under time pressure or while the researchers are bearing down on them with criticism. After the gathering brain scan results, the urban inhabitants had an increased activation in the amygdala.

Urban People Are More Equipped to Handle Stress

Based on the results of the study, the researchers have arrived at a conclusion that city people are more tolerant to annoyances. In fact, these individuals seem to be more immune to stress and are even capable of lowering their thresholds that activate their brain responses to stressful situations.

The following are the social aspects and other environmental factors, among many others, of living in big cities that make urban people more equipped to handle stress:
· The fact of having to deal with a variety of personalities on a daily basis,
· Frequent exposure to urban elements such as noise, pollution, etc., and
· Experiencing the feeling of fear, stress, or anxiety on a regular basis.

So what does this mean to a city dweller? The stresses of urban living are constant and such a natural part of life that it provides opportunities for people to adapt.