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Green Urban Living Tips You May Not Know

Families living near public transportation, employment centers, schools and other amenities save more energy than dedicated energy-efficient families living in the suburbs.

Additional adjustments to simple everyday behavior will support a greener environment even more. Urge your family and friends to follow this list of 11 tips which cause hardly any inconvenience or cost extra money while helping to make our planet greener.

1. Most disposable plastic water bottles do not get recycled. Use stylish and brightly colored reusable water bottles which also make great gifts. If you fill your water bottle with tap water,it helps the environment even more. It is noteworthy that EPA standards for tap water are higher than the Food and Drug administration’s requirements for bottled water.

2. The hot bath in your beautiful soaking tub takes two times the amount of water of the average daily shower. Reward yourself with a relaxing bath only once per week.

3. U.S. Drivers who wash their cars at home send 8.7 billion gallons of water down the drain. Coin operated or professional car washes use recycled water and end up costing most users less than the cost of water from the garden hose.

4. Adjusting the thermostat for home heating and cooling one degree up for warm weather and one degree down for cool weather will conserve 10 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling your home.

5. Insist that all members of the household turn off video games and consoles when finished playing. The average American family spends $100.00 per year for energy on idle video games and consoles.

6. Get everyone in the household to promise to tear off only one paper towel at a time. Reducing average household consumption of paper towels by three rolls each year would save would save 120,000 tons of waste material deposited in landfill dump sites.

7. Always turn off the tap while brushing teeth.

8. Driving 70 miles per hour as opposed to 60 miles per hour is equal to 25 to 90 cents more per gallon of gas because fast driving consumes more fuel.

9. In very urban areas, it is even more important to be connected to where food comes from. Make your connection by planting an herb garden.

10. Enjoy more natural light and a warmer home in the winter by opening drapes and blinds while the sun is shining.

11. Consider switching to a laptop computer which uses 50 percent less energy.